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Industrial distributors are intermediaries between manufacturers and end-users who buy industrial equipment. They offer sourcing, procurement, logistics, as well as information services before and after selling.

Since end-users need to concentrate on their own core businesses, they are outsourcing more and more to industrial distributors the activities related to the management of mission critical industrial equipment. The demands of end-users to industrial distributors are:

  • To optimise sourcing and procurement
  • To improve the level of logistics services
  • To get integrated with MRP and ERP information systems
  • To support buying decisions in a highly information sensitive and less standardized segments
  • To coach enterprises in correctly using industrial equipment within different application contexts.

On the other hand, manufacturers demands to industrial distributors to keep up to date on product innovations, to inform end-users, and to collect feedbacks from the end-users for further product development.

To meet market requirements industrial distributors need to interoperate Europe-wide, both with other industrial distributors and their associations, and with organizations representing the manufacturers.

    EFIDA - European Federation of Industrial Distributors Associations