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We started a new technical rubbercourse with 15 people. They all were succesfull at the examination. The last day they visited Hertalan a Dutch producer of EPDM sheeting for roofs and ponds. www.hertalan.com


Till may we said welcome to two new members. Two other members went into new facilities.


Information is given by Taniq, a specialist in optimal fibre reinforcement for elastomer products. Website www.taniq.com


In the association we have a discussion about ourselves and our future.
Main items:

  • Development of binding activities
  • Looking for more members in the plastic technical area
  • New members.


Visit Trelleborg

2008, april 24th and 25th we visited with a Group of about 20 people Trelleborg in Sweden.
They gave us an excellent view of the developments in the company. There are a lot of activities.
Sweden will be the manufacturer of special products and the head office.
Standard products will be produced in France (hoses), Spain (rubber products) and China.
Visit there website to get more information.

Rubber Course

Last year and this year we started to develop a course for technical people in rubber products.
We did it together with ERT, Deventer, The Netherlands, specialists, testers and developers of rubber products. The course will start the second half of 2008.


On the website of DPRA you can find a list of the members and their website addresses. There is also information about the activities of the individual companies.
To find interesting information of developments of companies you can go to the websites if the companies.


Last year we welcomed 2 new members.


Currently there are no news.
For more information, please visit the Federation's website: www.dpra.nl.

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