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EFIDA's Services


EFIDA is still a very young federation.
In this phase EFIDA aims at providing its members with a multichannel communication platform, to support them in staying in tune with the latest developments, in exchanging information, knowledge and experiences with European colleagues, in discussing relevant matters.

In time, and thanks of the suggestions of its members, EFIDA will be able to provide a broader range of highly targeted services.
Have a look at the results of the Survey on EFIDA Edition 2004.

Trademark and Logo

The Federation is registering Europe-wide the EFIDA brand name and the logo.

EFIDA Logo - DownloadPlease download here the EFIDA logo (High Resolution; TIF-format; Size: 464 Kb).
You can use the logo within Your documents and presentations, as well as on Your web site.

Web site

EFIDA’s web site aims at keeping informed members, prospect members and other interlocutors on the latest news regarding the Federation and the European industrial distribution business area.

Web Directory

EFIDA's web directory of the all European industrial distributors has been launched in November 2005, during the first European meeting of industrial distributors.


EFIDA will hold a congress at least once every two years.
The congress will be organized by a Congress Committee, which decides on the detailed programme.
The Congress Committee consists of the Executive Board and the Secretary General of EFIDA, as well as of the President and the Secretary General of the member, i.e. the national association, which is charged with the organization of the Congress.

June 18th-19th 2009 - Verona (IT): 3rd Congress of EFIDA
June 26th 2008 - Alkmaar (NL): EFIDA general Assembly
March 23rd 2007 - Berlin (DE): 2nd Congress of EFIDA November 14th 2005 - Paris (FR): 1st Congress of EFIDA

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