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EFIDA's Organs


EFIDA's Organs

Assembly of Delegates

The Assembly of Delegates is made up of all the Members of the Federation.

The ordinary Assembly of Delegates meets at least once a year, under the chairmanship of the President of the Federation.

The Assembly of Delegates has full powers enabling the objectives of the Federation to be achieved.

Members of the Assembly of Delegates are: FENETEC (France), FNDI (Italy), VTA (Austria) and VTH (Germany).

Executive Board | Secretary General

The Executive Board is made up of a President, a Vice-President and a Treasurer.
Members of the Executive Board are elected every three years by the Assembly of Delegates.
The Executive Board meets at least once a year at the invitation of the President.
The Executive Board appoints the Secretary General.

The Secretary General implements the policies of the Federation set out by the Executive Board. Further he is responsible for the services provided to the Members and for coordinating the activities of the Federation.

Commissions and Sectorial Groups

To pursue the objectives and the mission of the Federation, the Executive Board - after consultation with the Assembly of Delegates - decides on the creation of Commissions and Sectorial Groups.

The Sectorial Groups expected to be created after the foundation of EFIDA are: Power Technologies, Sealing Technologies, Hoses and Couplings and Personal Protective Equipment.

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