EFIDA - European Federation of Industrial Distributors Associations
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EFIDA's Mission


In a continuously changing environment, EFIDA – the European Federation of Industrial Distributors Associations – aims at strengthening the competitiveness of its Members and of the whole business area of European industrial distribution.

EFIDA provide Europe-wide access to information and knowledge regarding business technologies, product and process innovation, interoperation opportunities.
Thanks of its flexible structure, tightly cooperating with local associations, EFIDA is able to give tangible benefits to the single industrial distributors.

EFIDA aims at increasing Europe-wide the awareness of manufacturers organizations and political institutions regarding the high added value provided by local industrial distributors and their associations. EFIDA's mission is as follows:

  • To give European industrial distributors the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences, in order to facilitate economic information and sectorial statistics interchange among the members of national organizations, to exchange technical knowledge and experiences through commissions and sectorial work groups, with the aim to promote researches interesting to the whole community of European industrial distribution
  • To be active in the elaboration of international norms and standards (ISO – CEN)
  • To profile the Federation as a powerful interlocutor for European and local institutions, as well as for organizations representing manufacturers of industrial equipment, in order to be attractive for local industrial distributors associations not yet interested, to achieve as soon as possible a critical size, to dialogue with other sectorial organizations in Europe, but also in the USA and in the Far-East, to apply for finances given by the European Community
  • To strengthen the awareness of EFIDA’s trademark.
    EFIDA - European Federation of Industrial Distributors Associations