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FAQ's from EFIDA

What's EFIDA?

EFIDA is the abbreviated form of European Federation of Industrial Distributors Associations.
EFIDA represents Europe-wide the common professional and commercial interests of its Members.
EFIDA will be founded in September 2002.

What are the objectives of EFIDA?

EFIDA aims at strengthening the competitiveness of its Members and of the whole business area of European industrial distribution.

EFIDA provide Europe-wide access to information and knowledge regarding business technologies, product and process innovation, interoperation opportunities.

EFIDA aims at increasing Europe-wide the awareness of manufacturers organizations and political institutions regarding the high added value provided by local industrial distributors and their associations. EFIDA's major objectives are:

  • To give European industrial distributors the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences
  • To be active in the elaboration of international norms and standards (ISO – CEN)
  • To profile the Federation as a powerful interlocutor for European and local institutions, as well as for organizations representing manufacturers of industrial equipment
  • To strengthen the awareness of EFIDA’s trademark.

What are the services offered by EFIDA?

EFIDA aims at providing its members with a multichannel communication platform, to support them in staying in tune with the latest developments, in exchanging information, knowledge and experiences with European colleagues, in discussing relevant matters.

  • Web site
  • Trademark and logo registration
  • Directory of the all European industrial distributors associations and its members
  • Commissions and sectorial working groups
  • Congress

Who can become member of EFIDA?

Industrial distributors associations acting in European countries can be Full Members of EFIDA.
Sectorial organizations acting Europe-wide or locally can be Associate Members of EFIDA.

How can an organization become member of EFIDA?

Written Applications of membership must be submitted to the Executive Board.
On proposal of the Executive Board, the applications are submitted to and decided by the Assembly of Delegates.
The admission of new member requires the majority of the members.

Who are EFIDA's interlocutors?

EFIDA's main interlocutors are:

  • Industrial distributors associations acting in Europe and in other countries
  • Organizations representing manufacturers of industrial equipment
  • European and local institutions
    EFIDA - European Federation of Industrial Distributors Associations